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How to reset the SpyraTwo/SpyraThree?

1.    Press the ON/OFF button for at least 5 seconds and two square brackets will appear on the display. 2.    After that you have to pull the trigger. 3.    Switch on your SpyraTwo again and check the display. Is any error code displayed?. Otherwise

My SpyraTwo/ SpyraThree doesn’t shot water anymore

1. Shoot your Spyra empty until the display shows 00%. 2. Perform an empty shot (video: 3. Fill the tank or your SpyraTwo like usual 4. Shoot 5 times in the air 5. Fill the tank or your SpyraTwo again 6. S

My Spyra is leaking after filling the tank

Water can enter through the outer shell of the Spyra if you overreach the immersion line while pumping. To avoid this only insert the Spyra to the marked immersion line into the water.

How to “reset” the SpyraLX

1.    Please pump and shoot at the same time by pulling the handle all the way out and pulling the                    trigger at the same time as pushing the handle back in. This can act as a reset. 2.    Try pushing the trigger 15 to 20 times back t

How can I report an issue with my SpyraBlaster?

Our customer service Team is always happy to help. Report an issue to: [email protected] or use our return portal:. US: EU: