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Can I fully submerge the SpyraBlasters under water?

The SpyraBlasters are like a yoghurt cup, which means it will fill up with water and join the Titanic. This can also increase the dripping on the barrel. Among other things, this can affect the lifespan of your Spyra!. We thereore recommend only inse

Can I use the SpyraBlasters with other liquids than water?

We recommend to only use clean tap water to fill up your Spyra. All other liquids can have a negative impact on its durability. With improper use the Spyra can lose its warranty.

Can I use the SpyraBlasters with salt water/ chlorinated water?

We recommend reloading your SpyraBlaster with clean tap water only. Nevertheless, we have integrated a particle filter for your convenience. This filter prevents leaves and small particles from disrupting your gameplay. So if you want to use your Spy

How far can the SpyraTwo shoot?

The SpyraBlasts of the SpyraTwo have a target range of 10 m (33ft) with a normal blast and 15 m (49ft) with the PowerShot.

Are the SpyraBlasters legal in my country?

We have studied all relevant regulations in detail in order to make sure that the SpyraTwo/ SpyraThree can legally be played with like any other water gun toy in all countries we are shipping to. Of course, we cannot foresee any future changes or reg

Are the SpyraBlasters waterproof?

All components of the SpyraBlasters are individually protected against water damage. The SpyraTwo/ SpyraThree itself is water permeable which means that it should not be fully submerged under water or it will sink after a short while.

What temperatures can the SpyraBlasters handle?

We have done some intense testing on the Spyra within relevant temperature ranges. You can safely operate your Spyra between outdoor temperatures of  0°C (32°F) and  60°C (140°F).

What's the difference between the SpyraTwo™, the SpyraThree™ and the SpyraLX™?

The SpyraTwo™ and SpyraThree™ are our fully automated blasters. They come along with an auto-reload which refills and repressurizes your blaster in under 10 seconds. On top, they have a digital display to be in control of the tank and battery status

How far can the SpyraThree™ shoot?

With the SpyraThree™ you can hit targets up to 10 metres away with pinpoint accuracy. With the PowerShot of the League mode you even have a range of 15m.

What do the game modes of the SpyraThree™ look like?

Our engineering team has enabled the most epic water blaster. With the SpyraThree™ you have the chance to switch between three play styles. Choose the style that is right for you and the occasion. Open mode: Just fire away as you like. Every time you

How do I refill the SpyraThree™?

To reload, just dip the front of the SpyraThree™ into a water source and fully refill and repressurize automatically in 10 seconds. No need to run back into the house and no need for a significant time out.

Does it hurt to get hit?

The individual shots are strong but not painful. Part of the fun factor is that you feel the hit, but you shouldn't be knocked out by it. The game must go on, right?