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Do I have to pay customs?

For deliveries to the European Union and the USA, the Incoterm DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) applies.For deliveries to Canada, Norway, Great Britain, Switzerland the Incoterm DAP (Delivered At Place) applies. Any costs incurred for customs, processing an

Do I have a warranty for the SpyraBlasters?

The warranty of the SpyraBlasters are determined by the respective country-specific regulations for electronical devices and can last between one (US) or two years (EU).

How do I get a refund?

You can return your Spyra within 14 days after the package has arrived on your doorstep. Please follow the link to our return portal:. US: EU: If you have any questions, our customer service

How to change currency and language?

You can change language and currency on the top left corner of the website

Shipping countries & -costs

Germany (free shipping for 100€ order value, otherwise 4.90€)Europe (free shipping for 100€ order value, otherwise 9.90€)United States (free shipping for 100 USD order value, otherwise: 9 USD)Canada (29 USD)Australia (varies between 34 and 74 USD)